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In 2018, she received the Emerging Choreographer award at the 20th Hong Kong Dance Awards, while her latest work: Unmixed, in ‘New Force in Motion’ Series, received Outstanding Small Venue Production Award.

Hong Kong-based freelance artist, Yau graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Art (honours) in Contemporary Dance from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2013. From 2013 to 2014 she was a dancer of Y-space Dance Company. In 2016, she furthered her dance studies in Israel.

As a dancer, she has collaborated with a variety of renowned local organisations and arts festivals and renowned organizations:

I-Dance Festival 

Hong Kong Arts Festival 

Hong Kong Dance Company 

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra 

Unlock Dancing Plaza 

Hong Kong Repertory Theatre 

Singapore Arts Fission Dance Company
Andrea Pena and Artist, etc.


Experiences with different renowned artists:


Laura Aris Alvarez
Xiang Liang
Dam Van Huynh, etc.


Recently she has devoted herself into creation and her choreographic works include:

premiere in “New Force in Motion Series” produced by Hong Kong Dance Alliance in 2017. The work highlights the restrictions and rules imposed on the youth from the society, presenting the dynamics between body and mind.

Remain Invisible

premiere in “HK X KR Dance Junctions: Solo Dance” presented by Y-Space Dance Company in 2016. This solo work opens up imagination on body existence with a touch of black humour.
premiere in 2014 and re-staged in 2017 by E-Side Dance Company. With simple props, the work presents the intriguing and playful wrestling in power and energy between two dancers.

Yau ka hei 邱加希





Dance Tutor

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