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Yau ka hei 邱加希





Dance Tutor


Unmixed 《純生》  丨  Original Creation of 2017

Premiere in “New Force in Motion Series” produced by Hong Kong Dance Alliance in 2017
Re-run in dance festival “Hong Kong Dance Exchange” in 2018


Choreographer: KT, Yau Ka-hei
Programme Length: 30 min
Company: 7 members (1 choreographer, 4 performers, 1 technical crew, 1 tour manager)






















Are you living your someone else's life and pretending everything is fine?

Are you struggling to feel alive and not dead inside?
Are you compromising after all and drifting away from yourself?
Trapped between obedience and resistance, is there a place for us?



Confronting Norms or Breaking Limits

Taking dance as a form of thought, Unmixed reveals how power limits freedom of young people. Unmixed explores ways to break social norms that restrict young people from express their authentic feelings and emotions. Presenting a raw and original viewpoint, it poses a question of human behavior – can we note the hidden society forces that influence our decisions?


Conditioned Bodies with Raw Emotions

Unmixed invites audience to look into the physical condition of performers. Creating an ambient immersive atmosphere, KT Yau takes the theatre space as a metaphor for society. Three dancers and an actress find their bodies restricted. To stand still or sit down? To speak up or stay silent? The performers struggle with their bodies and mind to their own murmuring and cries. Unmixed ends with a visually striking imagery, offering audience a powerful virtual escape. Upon returning to reality, shall one push boundaries or stay in the comfort zone? Unmixed leaves it to your decision.

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